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01 июня 2017, 16:33

Gamified Bike-Powered Beer Dispenser is the Best Exercise Gear

If you think indoor cycling is the kind of exercise that will get you fit, you could spend two grand on a Peloton Cycle and $40 a month for workouts and motivation. Or you could save a whole lot of money and let your love of beer motivate you instead.

In the mid-1800s, Giuseppe Menabrea began brewing the beer that bears his family name. In much more recent times, the Italian brew went on sale in the U.K. The company was looking for a creative way to promote itself to beer aficionados and called up the creatives at Wire and Bright Signals.

This year, the route for the Giro d’Italia happens to run right through Biella, where the original Menabrea brewery is located. That got their gears turning.

The result is what you see above: an indoor cycling trainer that’s connected to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi, in turn, is connected to a display… and, more importantly, a frosty keg of beer. Put in enough hard work on the bike (you’ve got to beat a virtual opponent on a hill climb), and you’re rewarded with a nice, cold beer to help you unwind after your workout.

#FridayFun @MenabreaUK #beer challenge drinkers to take on a hill stage of the renowned race in #Glasgow #pubs!